Creating a SERVO-Optimized Pressroom – SEYI to Show the Knowhow at FABTECH

Using a five-stage transfer die, SEYI will demonstrate the production of 3” deep drawn and embossed metal cups, made from .078” x 6” CRS. The demonstration showcases the ease of integration and programming of a SEYI SD2-220T two point direct drive servo press, a Linear Transfer Systems Single Arm Servo Transfer, and P/A Systems Advantage Servo Roll Feed with motorized stock reel. Attendees visiting the SEYI America booth will take away the knowhow to set-up and run an advanced servo pressroom system, from inputting slide motion parameters for each die station, to encoding and timing the transfer and feed system.

By taking advantage of the servo press’s ability to control slide speed, position, and dwell, tool and die professionals and part designers will see potential design efficiencies, such as reducing die stages or secondary operations. Through the use of SEYI’s intuitive Human Machine Interface (HMI), attendees will see how blanking, deep drawing, embossing, and trimming can be performed in one ram cycle.

A key benefit of the demonstration includes the integration and timing of a single arm servo transfer from Linear Transfer Systems. Utilizing the latest generation of servo-motor transfer technology, the demonstration will showcase the transfer’s simple, yet rigid, design in achieving higher production rates with smoother motion profiles. Attendees will see how easy it is to encode and program the transfer to work seamlessly with the SEYI servo, resulting in superior part control, higher acceleration rates, and placement accuracy.

Feeding this advanced servo system will be a P/A Industries Advantage Servo Roll Feed with up to 200 job storage capacity, perfectly complementing SEYI’s servo controller which holds up to 200 jobs. The feeder features a handy micro adjust component, allowing the user to make feed distance adjustments while the feed is running. For cut-to-length or cut-off applications, the Advantage Servo Roll Feed has a back-length feature that backs the material away from the blade allowing the blade to be raised without lifting the fresh cut edge of the material.

At the show, we'll take you though our award-winning direct drive technology.
Beyond your current production, a SEYI Servo is the perfect tool for R&D, and new product and market development.
Piece by piece, we'll show you how SEYI delivers new forming possibilities with unparalleled performance.


Feature Article

Spend time at the SEYI booth. Learn how to:

  • Set slide position, speed, and angle
  • Program your own free-form motion
  • Sync peripheral equipment
  • Program and monitor other features of SEYI's user-friendly controller (Die set-up, Overload, and error log.)




Live On-Site Demonstration
Using a SEYI SD2-220 Direct Drive Servo press coupled with a P/A Industries servo feed system, and Linear Transfer Systems single arm transfer, we'll be producing parts through a five stage transfer die, featuring blanking, drawing, embossing, and trimming.



On the shop floor, costs can add-up quicklyMachine maintenance, die wear, energy, noise, and added-value are some of the ways a SEYI Servo investment can save you money.

    • At booth S4325,we'll help you gain perspective on servo ROI.
Are you justifying a servo investment?
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